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Why I paint, by Steve Spencer

March 15th, 2011

Visual art has become a vehicle for my soul as it seeks to be in tune with all creation; whether it be the intriguing form of an inviting countenance or landscape. I feel drawn to explore and then to record the power and grandure that I perceive. To start a painting is quite like beginning a hike into unfamiliar wilderness, or a climb towards an unfamiliar peak. Any attempt to re-create the subject of inspiration takes me on a journey that always has an element of suspense and excitement, with the potential of great reward.

The more successful I am in my effort, the more energy I have to explore it a little further. At times I am in awe at being able to be a small part of the wonder of it all- to be the one who was able to speak a short sentence, paragraph or phrase of the language of all creation.

I seek and find inspiration in light and shadow, in mass and form, in contrasts and contours, in absolute calm, or breeze, or fierce storm, in the mineral, or the organic, in animal or human-in short- in the rich tapestry of life. I seek to articulate in the language of light, landscape and humanity.